Creating right now

Although one would think with all the free time many people may have while stuck at home that makers would-be-makin’. And I’m sure many are. I’m not.

I’m not positive why, other than my art making space is now my office for work. I’m lucky enough to work from home right now, so I spend my 8 hours a day sitting at my little desk that I used to watch Disney+/Netflix on, while sculpting or painting smaller objects. It isn’t just space though. When you spend lots of time in one spot, spending time after work sitting in the same spot to do a hobby seems less… fun maybe?

Lil’ baby yoda lookin’ sad since the pandemic started.

There’s also the fact that when I’m done work, and have to navigate the commute from my basement to the upstairs – whew! – I don’t really feel like working on a project. But, I think that’s OK. Spending time with Shannon instead of always with my nose in a project is good. She’s home, but by herself all day, so she’s not wanting to zone out as much perhaps, so it’s a bit unfair to just go back downstairs to work. I’m sure she would understand if I had an intense desire to get a piece done like in the past, but right now, it’s OK to just be present and not really worry about producing new artwork. I guess. It’s also getting nicer outside, so I could spend some energy on the stupid yardwork, or even go for a perfectly suitable socially distancing burn on my bike.

There’s a lot more pressing issues, obviously, and I will wait until I’m really inspired to create. I have a couple ideas brewing around in my head, and no doubt when they want to come out, there will be little I can do to stop it. I see a wooden ship coming out of a portal with tentacles clawing at it to come back. Hmmm, where’d I put that clay?

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