Expo recovery

As you may have noticed in my previous post, I was prepping for the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo for nearly six months, sculpting and painting away like a madman hoping to have a strong show and sell some work.

Overall, it was good, I sold some pieces and made my money back on my table and then some, but you always hope for a bit more than you do. There were a couple of highlights for sure though. One was that I got to spend the entire weekend with my son, Ashton who helped out at the booth, kept me company, helped with set up and takedown and overall a good booth partner. Secondly was getting to meet Ray Park, the man that played Darth Maul in the Phantom Menace. The movie was not great (let’s not talk about Jar Jar, ok?), but Ray Park’s scenes with battling the Jedis were some of the most iconic in the series. The lightsaber combat in that movie set the standard of what was possible and has barely been touched since. Park also signed my Darth Maul sculpture, which was pretty amazing. He was such a gentleman, commenting on my sculpt and how much he liked it, and how unique it was. I’m still pretty sure that was a compliment…


It was pretty amazing, actually.

The other highlight was meeting all the people who stopped and gave me positive feedback on my work. Lots of “Your work is beautiful” and “OMG, you made this?” That means a lot even if the average person who just spent scads to get into the Expo couldn’t necessarily afford to take home one of my pieces. I frankly couldn’t really afford my work sometimes either. Meeting other artists in Artist Alley was awesome, and thanks to all of them that I met who gave me more inspiration. Thanks also to all of those that picked up a business card and hopefully they have found their way here to this blog post. My “store” is up and running and many of my items can now be directly purchased from this site. I hope that this works out well.

My plan is that I may be back at the Expo next year, or I may wait a year again and try in 2020, we’ll see. It’s expensive, and a lot of time commitment, but I feel that it was still worth doing.

Thanks and keep checking back here as I post new works!


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