No longer the bridesmaid

The 2018 art show in Wainwright was once again a great success. More artists. More people coming out to see the show.

The quality of the art was once again top notch, with plenty of new artists, and plenty of new pieces on display, back on Feb. 22-23.

The Wainwright Arts Council, our small organizing committee once again pulled off a great show and I think it was one of our best. The coolest part for me was that I was named the Favourite Artist of the Year, voted on by the visitors to the show.

I have been in the top five a number of times… 12 years of always the bridesmaid, but this year it was different. I’m no longer the bridesmaid. The big reason, in my opinion, was that this year my work changed again and has evolved. The sculptures and specifically the dragons, were a big hit. It’s a bit of a departure from what I’m a little more known for, the wax/acrylic paintings. I’m happy with that stuff too, but I’m really enjoying sculpting, and I think it shows. I get bored doing the same thing, so I like to keep trying new things

I’ve finished 5 dragons, and sold 4. I’ve created 9 of the classic book covers and sold 8. I think that means I’m on the right track.

With the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo in September as my next goal, I hope to be able to really buckle down and make a bunch of dragons of various sizes and get a bunch of cool book covers that I like for sale. I’ve applied for a booth, and likely I’ll get one.

I think with each sculpture I get a bit better, and learn something new. I’m going to keep pushing the envelope and have new pieces that people will like. That I will like. Some time ago I stopped worrying about what other people will like, or what I assume they might buy. It’s such a trap. If you create stuff you like, and what you like making, then you are doing it right. If someone also likes it enough to buy it, then great. If you paint or draw or sculpt, or even make music that you think other people will buy instead of what YOU like, it’s not going to be as good – and you likely won’t sell it anyway.

Thanks to those that like my work, and that have purchased my work. I really appreciate it, and that gives me more confidence to keep going and to make more art!

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