Countdown to the Art Show

Although I hate it when people count down to some event they’re excited about on Facebook, I’m going to count down over the next few weeks leading up to the 10th Annual Wainwright Arts Festival, Feb. 18-20.

The 18th will be our literary day and night, with a workshop with novelist Brent Cottle and an evening open mic at the Wainwright public library.

Check out our Facebook page “wainwright arts festival” for more details.

The big focus will be the Art Show and sale which starts Friday, Feb. 19 at 7-10 pm, and Saturday Feb. 20, 10-4 pm.

So, for the weeks leading up to the show, I’m going to give you a sneak-peak into the work I have finished, and will have at the show.

Below is “Han in Carbonite” which for Star Wars fans, something they will recognize right away.


This is 12″x30″, and sculpted with a material called “super sculpey” which is hardened in the oven, then I glued it to the canvas and painted it with acrylic paint.


I used images of Harrison Ford’s famous character from Return of the Jedi as reference, and spent a few months sculpting and refining the sculpture part before firing it and finishing it on the canvas.


I used white glue to also create the “Carbonite” texture around Han, like it is in the movie.


It was quite difficult, but rewarding as this sculpture came to life. Now, is it an exact replica? No, it’s a sculpture, but it’s pretty damn close, and really I just sculpted the first time with this material a couple weeks – a month before, when I tried it out on another piece, which I will also post in a few days.

I haven’t settled on a price exactly yet, although I’m hovering around the $750 mark due to the pure cost of materials and months of work I put into it. Oh, and, it’s pretty frigging awesome. Lol.

If anyone is interested in purchasing Han, he will be on display at the Art Show and available for sale there. Or, message me directly at

thanks, and I hope you enjoy!


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