For obvious reasons, Christmas becomes a stressful time for a lot of people. Whether it is because of work, family, or even the stress of finding that perfect gift, it can be overwhelming.

There’s also the other side of that coin, when you’re not worried about all that, if you’ve lost someone close to you and this is your first Christmas without them. The memory of that individual must be kept close, but as well, that pain becomes all too fresh when you’re reminded that that person is no longer there.

So, what’s a person to do? Do you chose to ignore Christmas and boycott it, because it’s just too much? Perhaps. There’s a lot of “firsts” that have to be dealt with after the loss of a loved one, from birthdays to holidays without them, it can be difficult on everyone to say the least.

For me, albeit coming from a self-described atheist, Christmas is not about little baby Jesus, although I have nothing against anyone that wants to celebrate their own way, but I look at this time as one with family and friends – something that I really look forward to. And don’t forget the food. Mmmm, turkey and gravy. If you don’t have a pile of people in your family, or your family doesn’t do the “big” celebration, find ways to enjoy it with your chosen family, your friends. Humans are herd animals and we often forget that in our very isolated virtual world.

So, have a great Christmas, no matter how you celebrate it, with family and/or friends, or with your virtual cats, enjoy the time away from work and try to make a connection.


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