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Creating right now

Although one would think with all the free time many people may have while stuck at home that makers would-be-makin’. And I’m sure many are. I’m not. I’m not positive why, other than my art making space is now my office for work. I’m lucky enough to work from home right now, so I spend my 8 hours a day sitting at my little desk that I used to watch Disney+/Netflix on, while sculpting or painting smaller objects. It isn’t just space though. When you spend lots of time in… Read more Creating right now

At my own pace

I’ve likely said this before, creating art or writing is usually a very isolating, individual process. Sure, talking with others to gain inspiration or to flesh out ideas or fix things that are bothering you can be part of the collective, but the actual act of crafting is a lonely process. For me, it usually is relaxing as my mind gets whisked away in the moment of creation, whether that’s writing, drawing, painting or sculpting, I find that as is see things that need to be dealt with are, the… Read more At my own pace